ElenaElena Esposito


Elena is a graduate of the State College of Florida where she received her Associates of Science in Paralegal Studies. In 2016, she became a Paralegal in the area of Elder Law and her genuine love for people has proved to be beneficial.

As a preteen, Elena began participating in ministry work and still continues to volunteer every week. Being active in ministry work has helped her to cultivate many of the desirable qualities necessary when dealing with distressed individuals. When she was in high school, Elena volunteered every summer at the local hospital. In her senior year, she volunteered with EMS and was certified as a First Responder. One of her most rewarding experiences, she says, is when she got to work alongside patients in a nursing home and help stimulate their minds through Bible study. Elena has a deep respect for the elderly and infirmed which makes working in an Elder Law Firm enjoyable.

In addition to feeling compassion for each of her clients, Elena is determined to perform to optimal standards. She feels most successful when she can influence someone’s life for the better and her goal is make them smile. Nothing is ever half-hearted when it comes to Elena’s work, as she strives to treat others and their situation as if it were her own beloved family.

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