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Our Mission

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We help Seniors Protect What They Have and Who They Love From The Devastating Costs of Long Term Care.

  • Long term care
    Many people incorrectly assume that “long-term care” refers to an insurance policy...
  • Estate planning
    The word “estate” means everything (money, real estate, personal assets) that you own or control...
  • VA & Medicaid Benefits
    Veterans Benefits may be the most misunderstood and under- utilized resources available to Seniors today....
  • Probate
    Probate can be a very costly, time-consuming, bureaucratic and public process...


What is an Elder
Law Attorney?

Attorneys who work with the elderly bring more to their practice than just experience with legal issues. They have an understanding of the elderly that allows them and their staff to ignore the myths related to aging. At the same time, they recognize and empathize with true mental, social and financial difficulties that often accompany the aging process. An Elder Law Attorney is aware of real life problems, health and otherwise, that seniors experience as they age. They are tied into a system of social workers, psychologists, geriatric care managers, and many other elder care professionals who may be of assistance to their clients.

Money Worries

We counsel clients who are worried about the heavy cost of assisted living or nursing homes. To avoid outliving their money or spousal impoverishment after one spouse enters a nursing home, we also work with clients on the repositioning and preservation of assets.

Nearly 60% of Americans will spend some time in a nursing home. As life expectancies and long term care costs continue to rise, many families now face the challenge of how to pay for these services. In 2011 alone, nursing home costs have risen 4.4% and will continue to rise. Most people are not aware that Medicare and private Medicare supplement insurance do not cover the cost of long term care. They mistakenly believe that Medicare covers long term care in its entirety. Medicare provides for short term assistance with nursing home costs, up to 100 days of coverage, but only if you qualify. Properly Planning for Medicaid is a great solution.


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