mug_ShannonHolly Hacker:
Medicaid Specialist

Holly is a graduate of Auburn University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management with a minor in Business Administration. After 20 years of working in the hospitality field, Holly decided on a change in scenery and moved to Florida in 2012. She decided to use her business knowledge in a new way and chose a career in Public Benefits and Planning where she can help others, especially Seniors. With her firsthand knowledge from caring for her 2 elderly parents, Holly thought that her blend of southern hospitality, dedication to seniors, and 20 years of serving others would be a perfect combination to succeed as a Florida Medicaid Specialist.

Holly now has a decade of experience working on behalf of Nursing Homes and with the families of the residents that lived there. As a Regional Medicaid Specialist for a well-known Nursing Home corporation, she has simultaneously managed the Medicaid departments of 9 nursing homes at a time. Holly spent the last 10 years navigating the complicated Florida Medicaid & Medicare systems and communicating with the Department of Children & Families (the agent that manages Florida Medicaid) on a daily basis. Medicaid can be a very complicated process, but Holly has the expertise to confidently and efficiently take our clients through the process from start to finish.

In her free time, Holly enjoys spending time with her son Ben and her 2 dogs Luna and Bella. Her hobbies include cooking and catering small parties at her house for friends and spending as much time enjoying the benefits of living in the most beautiful part of Florida.

In Holly’s own words… “After spending ten years working for Nursing Homes and managing the Medicaid department and applications for 9 facilities at one time, I feel like I can bring that expertise to Life Planning Law Firm and help our clients navigate the complicated process of applying for Nursing Home Medicaid. I am a caregiver for my own elderly parents, so I know firsthand how important it is to make sure our clients loved ones are receiving good are from long term care facilities. It is my goal to make the Medicaid process for our clients as stress free as possible and help our clients choose the best Nursing Home for their long term care.”

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